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Baycrest NBS Sharing Dance Seniors!

February 12, 2019

We’re very excited to have joined the upcoming term of Baycrest NBS Sharing Dance Seniors!

If you want to exercise, socialize and have fun while enjoying moving to beautiful music, then Baycrest NBS Sharing Dance Seniors is for you!

What is Sharing Dance Seniors?

Sharing Dance Seniors is an accessible dance program developed to engage older adults in meaningful dance activity that benefits physical, cognitive and overall health.

• Classes are 60 minutes with both standing and seated options

• Designed to encourage meaningful engagement and creative expression

How are classes delivered?

• An instructor from Canada’s National Ballet School teaches the classes via video streaming from the studio in Toronto

Program Benefits

• A high quality, professionally led dance program made accessible to older adults in your community.

• Aims to support overall physical, emotional and social well-being through dance engagement

• Aims to build and develop skill and confidence in dance movement for older adults with varying levels of physical and cognitive abilities

• Use of video-streaming technology maintains high caliber of program content delivery by NBS dance experts and ensures consistency and quality

For more information about Sharing Dance, visit website


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