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Musical Journey at Rocky Ridge

October 9, 2019

Rocky Ridge is running a new program called Musical Journey, connecting the young and young at heart.

Due to its universal appeal, music can bridge inter-generational gaps and improve overall quality of life. We will have babies and toddlers joining us for a curriculum that is specifically written to aid in all areas of brain development and keeping the brain activity heightened. We will work on a lot of rhythm and beat which aids our brains in working on things like being able to bounce a ball, walk with confidence, and even turn pages of the book easier.

There will be lots of work done crossing over the mid-section of the body, which stimulates the corpus callosum (divider of the brain) which fires up the neural connectors and helps transmit information from one side of the brain to the other.

There will be lots of moving the body side to side, instead of back and forth to stimulate the vestibular system (an apparatus in our inner ear that controls our balance and our awareness of our bodies in space).

The use of music is helpful with therapy for vertigo. Music creates a special kind of sound call isochoric tones that cause changes in our brain state through a process called brainwave frequency. Your brain starts producing more of the brainwave that corresponds to frequency creating a special isochoric tone that causes your brain to quickly drop into a slower brainwave dominant state, slowing the signals from the vestibular system (sensory system) to the brain, helping with vertigo.

Using music across the generations helps expose everyone to different genres, tempos and intervals of notes. This triggers memories and helps recall life events and different emotions tied to those events.

Many of us live far away from family connections, use this program to bridge the generations together and enjoy the laughter and presence of children.

Kate DENISCHUK, Lifestyle Manager


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