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Seniors – Thinking of Downsizing?

April 9, 2021

Making Room for the most important things in your life

Many seniors are considering listing their home to downsize either to a smaller home or a retirement home.  Downsizing can be a daunting and stressful activity, not only for the affected seniors, but also their loved ones.  There are usually decades of emotions and memories along with a lifetime of collected objects contained in their home.

It’s important to note these precious memories can remain with them.  Downsizing techniques such as digitizing items and photos, reducing collectables or giving legacy gifts away earlier help.

Pace yourself and know that there are many companies that can guide you through the process.  The key to a successful transition is planning and preparation.  The goal is not to get rid of everything, just to simplify. Many people are suffering in this economy and needy charities would welcome your treasures if family or friends can’t take them.

Just start.  As overwhelming as it may seem, downsizing can help create a simple, safe and less stressful environment for most seniors.  It can be an opportunity to build a new chapter with wonderful new memories in their downsized space.

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