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Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

January 14, 2024
Hey neighbors! With this extreme winter chill upon us, let’s make sure our seniors stay safe and warm. Here are some quick tips:
Layer Up: Encourage layers to trap warmth, and don’t forget hats, scarves, and gloves!
Indoor Comfort: Keep homes cozy, bundle up indoors too.
Stay Active: Gentle exercises indoors keep the blood flowing and the body warm.
Hot Meals: Warm, nutritious meals help the body generate heat. 🍲
Clear Pathways: Prevent slips and falls by keeping pathways free of ice and snow.
Check-Ins: Regularly check on elderly neighbors. A simple “hello” can make a big difference.
Prepare for Power Outages: In the event of power outages, ensure seniors have access to alternative heating sources and a supply of blankets and warm clothing. Have a plan for relocating to a warmer place if necessary.
Share these tips and let’s ensure a safe and warm winter for everyone

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