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World Kidney Day

March 14, 2024
Dear Friends,
As we observe World Kidney Day today, we’re reminded of the incredible resilience and generosity within our community. This day holds special meaning for us Rocky Ridge Retirement Community as we stand in solidarity with our resident’s daughter Judith Morrison founder of Kindred Kidney, who is in need of a kidney donor, and reflect on the selfless act of kindness demonstrated by our Chief Operating Officer of Signature Retirement Living with his donation of one of his own kidneys just a few years ago.
To our resident’s daughter Judith Morrison founder of Kindred Kidney: You are not alone in your journey. Your strength, courage, and unwavering spirit inspire us all. We stand by you, offering our love, prayers, and support as you navigate through this challenging time.
To our Chief Operating Officer Steve: Your act of donating a kidney to your sister exemplifies the true essence of compassion and generosity. Your selflessness has touched our hearts and serves as a shining example of the difference one person can make in the life of another.
The journey of kidney health touches us all in different ways, whether through personal experiences or acts of compassion that inspire us. It’s a day to raise awareness, offer support, and celebrate the power of hope and resilience.
On this World Kidney Day, let us come together as a community to advocate for kidney health, support those in need, and celebrate the gift of life. Together, we can make a difference and spread hope to those who need it most.

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