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You Are Never Too Old To Dress Up by Kate Denischuk, Lifestyle Manager

October 23, 2019

With the seasons changing, we all have a wonderful day to look forward to…Halloween!

I know it is always the one day of the year that almost everyone is going to tell you you’re too old to celebrate or dress up.  But I say FORGET THAT! You are never too old to dress up.

When we were kids there was never a costume we would say no to, whether it is a princess, a dragon or maybe even a pumpkin.  Everything was game.  When were we told that there is an expiration date on dressing up for Halloween? I think this is something we need to re-evaluate.

We have 364 other days in the year to wonder about the direction our lives, for one day a year; we can drop our defenses and pretend to be someone else for a change – just for the fun of it.  We can experience looking funny, scary or goofy without prejudice.  You can put in as much or as little effort as you want – people will just appreciate that you tried.

Wearing costumes is a way to let people get to know you a little better by allowing them to see another side of you.  There have been times when someone I thought to be shy put on the most hilarious costume and it let me see another side of their personality that I might otherwise never have gotten to know.

Wearing costumes also creates memories, or brings back memories of our past.  When you think back to past Halloweens you always remember them by the fun costumes you wore, or others wore.  You never forget the good, the bad or the ugly costumes you have seen through the years.

This is a chance for you to get creative, something that will never leave us.  It is so much fun to see the creative ideas people come up with for their costumes.  Let yourself become immersed in your costume and allow others to see what you create.  Remember, the best costumes are usually the ones that not a lot of money was spent.  Take a look around your room, what sparks your creativity?

When we give ourselves the opportunity to dress up, it is just plain FUN!  It lets us be something or someone else for a day and it gives us the escape where we can set aside any insecurity we might be holding on to and be whoever we want to be for a little while.

This Halloween, our residents will be having fun at a Monster Mash with prizes for the best costume!



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